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We offer a full continuity customer relationship management software allowing you to manage: leads, customers, orders, merchant accounts and reporting. Free for those already using the platform and very affordable for those who are not.


View all the most important metrics on one comprehensive dashboard so you can better understand the health of your business.

Keep The Ball Rolling

Ever had you business put on hold because your CRM wasn't following the rules? Switch to us and rest easy, we're MasterCard and FTC compliant. We'll make sure your business stays running smooth.

Integration and Innovation

Our platform is compatible with Limelight, Konnektive and Response CRM's so you don't have to hassle with switching all your data over. We also offer our own CRM for those already using the platform.

Offer Marketplace

Our platform gives you access to a plethora of advertisers so you can find the offers that suit you best, ultimately leading to higher payouts and longer lasting relationships.

Safe and secure

Super secure payment network to protect against fraud and ensure on-time payments.

The Ultimate Tool For Any Advertiser.

Not only does Affiliate Labs offer a superb CRM... we also do: offer hosting, split testing, auto up-sell optimization, super safe affiliate payout, and a comfortable environment for advertisers and affiliates to engage with one another. For Affiliates

Find tons of offers that fit your style of traffic. Meet advertisers that you jive with well and figure out the payouts that work for you.

Say Goodbye to Your Old Affiliate Networks

We all know Networks underpay affiliates and overcharge advertisers. Here at Affiliate Labs we believe in transparency, honesty and affordability; charging a small flat fee per transaction. Advertisers aren't breaking the bank, Affiliates get paid on ALL of their traffic.

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